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Featured Spin Bike. Getting Started Training Tips Spinning Videos Energy Zones Chart. Stream exclusive rides led by rockstar Master Spinning instructors straight to your TV or mobile device for the ultimate home fitness experience: the power of the studio is now yours.
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Fietstrainer of Hometrainer. Spinning video training. Je koopt een spinningfiets om thuis te trainen, maar kan zelf nog niet precies op basis van de muziek bepalen welk tempo en welke houding je op de spinningbike moet aannemen. Voor dit probleem zijn er handige spinning training videos die je kunt volgen tijdens je training.
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Spinning Video uses the Internet connection on your phone. Remember use Wi-Fi when you use this app. Before using analyse data consumption. Spinning Videos Includes.: Indoor Cycling Course. Indoor Cycling Videos. Spinning at Home. Indoor Cycling at Home. Indoor Cycling Videos. Spinning Videos App allows all lovers of this sport to be fit always at home. Why Use Spinning Videos. No hidden costs. Multi-device: You can use your mobile or tablet. Training Routine: Follow the training routine in one application.
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Plus with other training exercises that use onboard camera's' the car drives much faster then a normal human can cycle. The track is fitted around the music and the spinning or cycling program. The exercise is therefore combined with music and environment. The video can be used for both spinning teachers on TV or beamer, or for solo use on your pc screen, tv or beamer.
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Een pittige training van 40 minuten. Een leuke training maar de video is wat minder leuk om naar te kijken. Extreme Fat Burning Workout 50 Minute Indoor Cycling Class. In deze video van 50 minuten volg je de spinning workout met verschillende onderdelen.
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These training DVDs will get your legs spinning using high cadences or burning with slow uphill grinds building strength, endurance and confidence. Whether you are a certified Spin Instructor, cycling coach or a single rider at home on a stationary bike or bike trainer, these videos can spice up the workout with real ride video from across the US.
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This Workout Video Is Exactly Like Being in an Indoor Cycling Class. You Might Like. Indoor cycling can be a fantastic way to sweat: You get to zone out in a dark room and move to the beat of hopefully awesome music. Plus, studies show cycling can burn a ton of calories, increase cardio endurance, and decrease body fatwhile strengthening your entire lower body and core. The effects of indoor cycling training in sedentary overweight women.

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